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The problem i see with fade to black, is we are not BA from the A team who needs to be knocked out and wake up in the vehicle we are traveling in…

sorry I’m old cant help the references.

anyway i think that the fade to black even for VR users will be immersion breaking, even if they don’t make it a free control walk to the deploy ship screen but make it like a in-game engine cut scene that would be less immersion breaking, but then again fade to black is faster, but i thought Fdev were going for as close to reality as possible, but then again the launch of CQC proves that sometimes its what the aimless want.


TBH i think Braben has lost direction with this game, its not a horrible game but its not the be all yet.

but at least Braben only asks for $50 dollars to make another season addon for his game and it keeps ticking, and nostalgia wise and for the sake of his reputation i will always pay that $50.


unlike the other space game that has a pay to win model and a minimum spend of $75 dollars for a starter pack and upper tiers of $2500 for those that want to skip levelling, and yes you might say that you can in game grind for the same ship, but i can gaurentee you the 15 year olds with daddies credit card will winge so loudly that their $2500 investment should be protected that they will make the grind so long and painful you may as well have gone out and got a second job at minimum wages flipping burgers and just buy the $2500 pack because it will take less time.


I’m old, tired because my kids wont sleep, jaded by a game industry that is slowly glorifying quick gratification by pay to win and shit games on release and trying to cater to both xbox and pc and failing at both, and money hungry studios or corporate’s like EA who pump out the same shit over and over and over without innovation and destroy perfectly good studios because EA threw money at them and said build it with this cookie cutter.


I miss the days of Descent, Elite, Frontier, Forsaken, Dune (the original by westwood studios and virgin games) I miss the text based dungeon crawler with **** as walls and 8 as the wizard and x as the player.

Thats my morning rant for the day probably off-topic somewhat, I blame the lack of sleep and coffee.



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