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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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[Eotienses] Kaufman Port <-> [CF464]

(Buy) Beryllium <-> (Buy) Res / Progenitors / Perf

When it is normal it should realise 1M+ per round trip with 400T cargo (~2500Cr/T round trip or better)

Politics had stuffed the route about 2-4 weeks ago, hence my exploring trip – worth checking again


Now that civil war has cooled down, I’ll probably be running trade [Wangal] ‘potatoes’ or Reed <-> Blido Piru to help Bureau of Wangal catch up to AIE so we can bash the former, but it is somewhat less profitable

P.S. we need to run some missions for WEP so they don’t end up in civil war with the feds

We will have 2-3 useful AIE routes when “Operation: Monopoly [Wangal Edition]” is complete, but that’s a while off yet :-[



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