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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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would my bronze exploration badge change to a silver or gold for elite and ELW worlds discovered?

– you raise an interesting point – I would take the ‘current model’ Angel of Exploration as ‘orange-gold’ – Fair point that it could be perceived as bronze

Unless @MrPing and @DaMorgs say otherwise, I would take your current “Angel of Exploration” as the “premium model” – The [Air Force Cross] idea was conceived before MrPing created the Angel of Exploration – I’m thinking we might leave [Air Force Cross] for items where we don’t have a specific medal, but some actions/service constitute special recognition

For the record, I was envisaging the bronze we use as something along the tone of the ‘Goldmember’ sigpic bar around 75% toward the right of that colour bar – so much more brown than orange 

:  Would re consider re-colouring the current Angel of Exploration to be similar colouring to Angel of Trade (perhaps slightly more ‘orangey’ so it retains a colour difference?)



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