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I have a 550W power supply, it needs 500W but it just refuses to work.

But, look on the bright side mate – you’ve got an Oculus Rift and most of us dont 😀

I’m *very* glad I future-proofed this PC when I bought it 4yrs ago:

750W ‘gold’ P/S, i7, 16GB RAM.

Upgrades have been SSD and quite recently, the GTX970 – only thing is the mid-tower case means I can’t fit ‘gaming’ GPUs since the HDD mounting brackets will foul it

Since the 970 is ‘below’ the recommended spec for Vive / Commercial Oculus Rift, it might be an excuse to build a new PC with a full tower case

BTW – spewin’ that commerical Vive release is delayed until April – everyone will be all over the Rift

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