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Argon ArmrendArgon Armrend
Rank: CEO

Greetings Commissar,

The Angeli are always open to other Imperial Commanders and their factions.  I have to confess that we were unaware of your presence until now, but from this point on we will attempt to ensure that we do not inadvertently encroach on your systems.

With that in mind, should it happen, we will guarantee that we will not be attempting to gain control.  Likewise, should your faction find it’s way into Angeli space I trust you will act likewise.

You are all welcome visitors within our systems, we only ask that should you trade or complete missions, you do so only for the Angeli Imperial Enterprises and I will ensure that my Commanders reciprocate if and when they are within your systems.

I am also prepared to share any information with you that may be detrimental to our great Emperor or that may assist in your defence as I am sure you will do the same with us.

Fly Safe Commissar and pass on our regards and acceptance of our friendship.

Argon Armrend