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Thanks all.


I’ve previously published a couple of routes involving Eotienses

Another one I was using recently to get to a Cutter was “the galaxy’s worst kept secret” – I’ve seen you post about it … LTT[REDACTED]

One route I kept up my sleeve (which paid for my Clipper and T9 [therefore most of my Anaconda]):

  • Medium Ships:  Manianscudo[Miller Port] <-> HIP 12716[Bruce Enterprise]
    • buy imp slaves at miller and Palladium at bruce – pretty steady run which was usually > 2.5K Cr /Tonne round trip
  • Large Ships: HIP 12716[Evangelisti Dock] <-> Saisiyat[Dalgarno Ring]
    • Palladium at Evangelisti, buy Perf Enhancers at Dalgarno – This route not as good as the medium as it is a 4000ls traverse to Evangelisti and they dont take imp slaves

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