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@xsannz Consider the time period Sirius designed the drive.  Meta Alloys and UAs had not yet been discovered, which means that (assuming their fix is as simple as they implied) the new drive should be able to operate more-or-less like the standard FSDs.  Perhaps a new type of fuel will be used?  I would not mind some fuel that costs 2-10 times more, currently the price tag on fuel is just a novelty item.

I remember Braben speaking about the possibility of jumping to secondary stars within a star system.  He mentioned unspecified technical difficulties.  Therefor I can only assume that the statement saying ‘interplanetary’ may be referring to 1) A possible replacement to supercruise, but perhaps not as drastic as micro-jumping. 2) Interplanetary, as in between habitable planets? Which may mean he was referring to the interplanetary/interstellar trade between systems.

I cannot wait for Sirius to make something out of this.  I am the proud new owner of an FDL.. but it’s drive range is at 12.8, that’s stupid.  I’m 180LY out from Wangal and I’m terribly discouraged.  That’s why I am writing on the forums instead of flying my brand new FDL… It has an A4 Plasma Acc, I love it.


As for the discussion about Nav Beacons: Yes, I think that it would be absolutely great if we jumped into a system, with the normal 40 second FSD cooldown, except in normal space at the Nav beacon instead of at the star.

This brings up a secondary concern however.  If a Nav Beacon is so important to interstellar jumps, why can we jump to uncharted systems?  There are two ways I see to approach this:
The first is an increase to jump range if the target system has a beacon (which is not (“compromised”).  If you are jumping to a system without a beacon you will need to travel at the current standard jump range.
The second method is in my opinion more interesting.  Ships jumping to a system without a beacon would need to do what was referred to as a “Far Away” in the Elite: Dangerous fiction book Reclamation, or face the possibility of jumping directly into the gravity well of the local star.  A Far Away is a manually plotted jump to a specific location in the system.  It’s supposedly less accurate than a computer assisted (Computer assistance based on the Nav Beacons?) jump, which means that perhaps the explorer would need to be responsible for positioning their arrival point far enough away from the star for safety.  But of course, this would be a major mechanic to add.  Xsannz, as the most experienced explorer I know, what are your opinions on these ideas?  Specifically the second one.

Nav Beacons have bothered me since a first hit upward thrust at Engle Orbital last year, I would love to see something good come from them.

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