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Some months ago, there was a gossip article.  It detailed the affair between Princess Aisling and Senator Patreus.  Including but not limited to attending banquets together, being seen at high-class restaurants on Achenar together and, being seen boarding the same shuttle to ‘retire’ for the night aboard Senator Patreus’ flagship.

I really liked those articles/story lines.  But in 1.3 when succession for the throne started to be determined, they just completely forgot about it.  Patreus started to support Lavigny, Aisling hated Lavigny.

Nothing has been posted about the two sense.  The way I see it, if something happened during the succession which tore them apart, why not tell the CMDRs?

I also really want more depth to the universe.  We could use with more politicking and advertising in the news.  I’ll never say those words again…

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