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AvatarFox Carignan
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I don’t mind CQC.  I like to jump into it from time to time.  I mildly dislike the addition of a CQC rank in the System Panel, but mostly because there is absolutely no lore justification for it being there.  CQC is supposed to be in a simulated environment, why on Capitol would the Pilot’s Federation give it a rank (Says the dedicated video gamer)?

I think it’s fine to have it allow access to an engineer.  As long as that same engineer has a separate path to unlock the same blueprint.  If there is a CQC-addicted engineer with some rare blueprint that is only found in two places (one of which is 600ly away), I would be upset.

While yes, @xsannz I do think of CQC as a separate game sold with ED instead of for ED, I also believe it’s quite fun if you can get past what I affectionately call “CoD Fever”, in which the mechanics of a game seem geared towards making you upset.  I personally enjoy the heck out of CQC.  I just wish there was something more fulfilling there.  No, I don’t mean more unlocks.

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