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Trading with an AIE station boost influence, Handing in bounties and exploration data will do the same.

the other alternative if you want to be a Rebel and can live with the cooldown period, is to activley attack any non AIE faction ships, however you will be wanted in the system and this can hurt you rep as well, not something we condone as we are not at war within these systems so #Team wangal please abide by the following as it still applies

Standing Orders for systems where we have an interest:

Do not fire on ships* that belong to any of the factions which we support, wanted or otherwise.

Only complete missions for the Faction that we are supporting in the system.

Be careful of recipients or targets for missions that are located in systems where we are supporting a faction.

Please only trade and hand in bounties and exploration data in stations that we control.

*Always fire on Federal Dropships, no matter which faction they are aligned to.

Tips for affecting influence:

Trade and bounty hunting (please check your targets) at docks that we control will help with influence in these systems. Handing in exploration data at these docks can also be a big boost.

In systems where we do not control a dock, please do not trade, hand in bounties or exploration data to any of the stations. In these systems we must use missions to raise influence.

Missions for our faction are a great help. These can missions found and accepted at any dock in the system whether we own the dock or not.

Missions can also be taken from surrounding systems within 15ly. In many of these cases it does not matter which faction is offering the mission, it is more important who the recipient or target of the mission is.

For trade missions from outside systems please check that the mission recipient is the faction that we are supporting. These missions can be very beneficial to our influence.

For kill missions from outside systems, most missions will help us by lowering the influence of the other factions.

Do not take kill authority or kill trader missions where the target system is one that we control. These missions will also leave you wanted and hurt your influence with the Empire.

For assassination missions, pirate lord and escaped prisoner targets should always help us. Be careful when accepting missions where the target is a Hero or a Military strategist. These could lower our influence if the target is in one of our systems and they will also leave you wanted.

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