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Rank: Principes

So, I finally had a chance to give this a go last night for a couple of hours.

I started off at Quincy, a empire aligned system 380ly from Sol.

If I remember correctly my trading rank is currently broker and I of course was neutral with the local faction was neutral.

Even then I managed to pick up 7 missions ranging in value from 1.7mil to 4mil for transporting small quantities of cargo in the range of 1-7 tons typically.

Being new to this the opportunity to get around 20mil profit from one long haul was enough to start with so I only filled my hold with around 40 tons of cargo. Also knowing that the more jobs you have the more npcs spawn against you I was keen to get used to avoiding scans before risking bigger fines.

The journey to the first stop was around 375ly so I sat back with a cold beer and cruised along for about 20 mins, such a long distance did obviously require fuel scoop use but there were so many empty systems en route that I didn’t have any problems being hassled whilst scooping which I was worried about.

Such a long journey also netted me a good amount of exploration data with the ADS. Over the loop I netted at least 250k in data which is a nice bonus to rank.

I was pleased to see that the destinations were clustered in 2s and 3s with often only 30-50ly between clusters which makes the drop offs nice and quick.

I got interdicted a lot though which slowed things down. Some powerplay quite a few pirates (including persistent ones I had to jump system to get rid of) and the odd authority interdiction too most of which I evaded boosting in the Asp. Sadly I did get scanned on one occasion and lost the 3 last contracts but they were also the lowest value ones…but I paid the 19k fine for what was left and still made 850k selling the goods in the normal manner anyway.

Overall I made 16mil in 2 hours, that also included making and eating dinner.

There’s a lot more to come as I gain rank and pick up more missions.

It’s like trading but much more profitable and exciting (like smuggling should be, eh?).