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Rank: Principes

Had a crack at a timed run tonight.

It took me 33 mins to fill up 84t of cargo at Jefferies High in Quince worth about 40mil in missions. I started in Millerport but I found that I wasn’t getting the right missions there tonight.

Travelling back into the bubble took me 23 minutes to cover around 350ly.

I then spent 50 mins handing in missions, seems a long time looking back at it really. I did spend a little time serving dinner and making a cup of tea but I suppose more time was lost to avoiding interdictions than anything else. I had a lot of success avoiding police scans by targeting and deploying weapons.

Sadly though I only got halfway through the missions, earning 20mil before a had a persistent authority ship who caught me at an outpost, I was in the process of docking when he followed my wake and scanned me. 20 mil down the drain! I think I got a bit over confident and should have just jumped out and back into the system – although it’s a pain having to supercruise again from the star.

All in all I earned just over 20 mil in 1 hr 45 mins if I’d hung on to my missions it could have been something like 40 mil in 2.5 hours since I was at the business end of it all.

I think I’m going to make a couple of small changes to my ship. I don’t think I need 104t of cargo capacity. The attention you draw from all those missions is pretty crazy at the start. Also I want to decrease the travel time, best way to do that is increasing my range/decreasing my scoop time en route. So I’m going to add a more powerful fuel scoop. This config still leaves me with 80t of cargo which I think is plenty.–12——-0537020240242f.Iw18WQ==.Aw18WQ==

Ultimately I may replace modules with fuel tanks to give me a simple 390ly range with out scoop dropping my cargo capacity to 72t which is probably quite reasonable anyway later on. Since I’m currently getting missions worth 500k/t that would still be 36 mil on a full hold.–12——-05f5f30240242f.Iw18WQ==.Aw18WQ==

Having said that the type 5a scoop I’ve just installed now will fill my tank fast so I think it will be a good balance.

Annoyingly tonight got me all the way up to 99% broker! Hopfully I’ll see more tasty missions pop up very soon with the upcoming rank and that should increase my cr/t.

All in all, not a bad couple of hours. Still learning but very much enjoying it and making more money than ever before.