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So tested out the HOTAS from @sketchy tonight – was brilliant. Mostly have the buttons committed to memory, but have only got enough set for basic flight and occasional killing stuff.
Found a Keelback NPC called Jiggy right next to the outpost I was at last night. Shot him until he exploded.
Flew out to Maia.
Grabbed a single mission from obsidian, headed to Darnelles progress (surface port), to look for more, and get interdicted 12km from the port!
The f&@&ing game mechanic dropped me 12LS from the planet, with a clipper eating my shields.
Tried twice more to get to the surface and interdicted both times. By the same NPC.
He even followed my wake in when I did the old jump ‘n’ drop.
High waked with 75% hull.
Uneventful trip all the way until destination system when I get pulled over by a PP agitator and scanned. Chaff & guns hot, scan unsuccessful. About to open up his hull when his reinforcements (Annie & dbs) jump in. Jump and head into target station, 4M Cr in the bank. Thank you.