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Time for me to put my hand up for a mea culpa: I’ve barely been on E:D over the last three weeks; barely been on the PC for much of the past fortnight – However, I have always done a few missions for HIP20199 AIE when on.  Kudos to @FoxCarignan for updating the stats where I was absent.  Kudos to the HIPsters (what a particularly unfortunate moniker!) for keeping things ticking over, even if ‘growth’ has slowed – In addtion to Fox, thanks again @Hazara, @NZSimian, @LuminousMonkey, @Mudskipper for any and all efforts.

Simian: Re where your last post touches on the topic of small, but noisy persons, I feel your pain. 😮 We’re still getting grief most nights here from ours

– I think the borked BGS is really working against us here.  Had there been opportunities to incrementally reacquire stations in Wangal and thus get combat zones, I’m sure we’d see a lot more activity.  We are also getting SFA AIE missions on the station BBS at the moment, which doesn’t help.  If there is to be any throwing of teddy bears, dummies, kitchen sinks and/or grenades to be done, maybe FDev should be the first target via email and/or FD forum, re the BGS and the state of it over the last 6 months
– As it is, even doing missions is limited as a result of FD’s last two updates since the spawn frequency has been severely muted.  Last night I could only get two AIE missions worth doing and the update frequency was looong to get even one fresh one
– Hopefully the next dot-point release with new Mission board might garner a bit more participation across the board

  • As for my absence over the last few weeks:  I’ve had two sh!tty projects back-to-back since Oct last year, with 4 days off over Xmas.  Both involved late nights most nights.  I’ve just completed two weeks leave.  I found myself not bothered about going on the computer for the best part of that leave
  • I’d like to participate on TS, but you already know that the Lady von Schnellenstein has pretty much verboten me to use it
  • I’m likely to resume ‘normal service’ for AIE this week

Oi! That's Baron von Schnellenstein to you, mate. No, it doesn't matter that I'm an Imperial Prince!