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Rank: Triarii

I did 3 missions last night, it took 30 minutes…

It takes me 30 minutes to find an AIE mission I’m allowed to do. Last night I actually tried taking another factions mission and finding an AIE NPC to turn it over to. Not really an efficient strategy.

I noticed the influence drop too when I got on. That was pretty harsh, but I’m all for hating on FD for that. The mission system is bizarre compared to what I remember. With relatively low ranking in everything, I spend all my time supercruising about Wangal checking ports for missions. Normally all I get are little scrappy missions, but occasionally out of no where I get one with decent rewards that might actually gain us a blue pixel! Yay! IMO it’s broken, but that doesn’t phase me at the moment I’m just happily developing some joystick skills and laying low until I can clear my wanted status and take my Clipper out for a spin again. It’s been a long time!