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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
CenturionAngel of TradeAngel of Mercy – Participating in a AI relief mission.Angel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
Rank: Centurion

With relatively low ranking in everything, I spend all my time supercruising about Wangal checking ports for missions

Psylem:  The Pilot’s Federation ranking requirement on missions is allegedly going to be waived when the next dot-point release of E:D comes out.  The ranking requirement will still be displayed as a guide to perceived difficulty.

Of course, the problem of mission spawn frequency might still be an issue – I am Elite in trade and have attained reasonable levels in the other two ‘professions’, yet there were only 3 AIE missions on the HIP20199 board tonight (and I’m ‘eligible’ for all 3) – two of them are pointless to take up :@

Oi! That's Baron von Schnellenstein to you, mate. No, it doesn't matter that I'm an Imperial Prince!