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Could also be due to _what_ trade we are doing, the type of missions we take and their influence plus BGS impacts

E.g: I took an assassination mission Fri night, which was a sneakily designed rampage:
– Mission from board looks like ‘safe’ standard assassination.
– On mission completion screen back at Fabricius, it immediately spawns a “part II”, which is go and kill <n> ships in another system.  The <n> targets were Authority ships in another Imperial system

– Completion of that secondary mission caused negative influence for AIE on the completion screen

Also:  @DaMorgs:  whats your total tally of goods dropped at Elson Terminal Fri night and last night (e.g. how much friday and how much saturday)?
– In HIP 20199, AIE dropped about 0.6% from Fri Night ‘tick’ to last night’s ‘tick’ and Silver Fortune went up about 1%

  • As for Wangal, I wonder if the parallel activity that was running in Wangal yesterday arvo contributed to the influence drop – could test that by re-doing missions/trade in Wangal per yesterday that you were doing, but _not_ the parallel activity – if influence _still_ drops, then I suspect other forces are at work

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