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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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Trading sucks.

… Even more since the most recent update where FD have been fiddling the books.  Stuff that should be 1600Cr/T credit one way appears to have been ‘normalised’ back to 1000 Cr/T – That’s really going to hurt newer players whose only option is to trade to upgrade.

Doesn’t really help AIE’s cause where we’re trying to modify influence via trade – being stiffed on profits to the tune of ~30% must have a corresponding effect on influence (as well as our ‘poor old’ hip-pockets)

On the other hand, by nerfing trade so much, FD are:

  • Forcing players to look for and take on well paying missions from the BBS
  • Making it more attractive to hunt bounties (i.e. shoot things – you _must_ like _that_ idea, Haz!!)
  • Probably making mining the most consistent ‘big earner’ (supposing you’ve found somewhere profitable to mine)

’s long-range smuggling seems to be the best way to make fast(er) bucks at this stage.

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