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Was in game this evening, took the only mission of note for AIE from HIP20199, a ‘staying power’ mission. Spent a couple of hours flying around everywhere in the target system (yugerra, FML), without finding the target.
Got mad.
Ended up ending some traders, a wedding barge, a couple of pirates, a wing of Sirius security, a fed agent, and several system defence force ships.
Ram killed a couple of Cobras as well, not sure where they belonged to.
Turned an eagle inside out by accident.
Shot up a rescue ship.
And may have drunk a few ciders, but they were incidental.
I’m adding “staying power” to the list of bugged missions that I’m avoiding.
And I’m adding yugerra to the list of systems that I might avoid for a while.
May have had some assistance in this mischief with @sketchy.
1000MJ shields are cool… If you get the power management right 🙂