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‘Right, here’s my take on the matter of smuggling.
Flew out to Maia last night, stacked a few missions together.
2 had the same system drop off.

Made the mistake before setting off, of listening to @hazara & @sketchy, so I dropped most of my guns for better jump range (if I ever do Beagle point, it’ll be with a plasma accelerator and a KWS).
Anyway, dropped into system with my first ‘shipment’.
No issues with the Po-po.
2nd system, 2.4 M for 2T of battle weapons? System having a civil war? Hell yeah.
Flew in, made the drop.
Nothing on the scope.
Next station targeted, jump.
Interdict, evade, interdict evade, “suspected felony”, scan, guns out (I’ll show you felony!), find I’m packing 2x small beams (damn, what the hell! @hazara, @Sketchy what have you done?!).
3000cr bounty added.
Jump, interdict, evade, jump, station.. Scan, guns!! Fail.
Lost the rest of the stack.

So, I got mad.
Shot up the locals (small f**king beams? Who’s f**king idea was that!).

Now I’m really wanted in yet another system.

And you know what was so important to the locals?
More important than preventing fanning the flames of their civil war with battle weapons?
So important, they lost two of their best and brightest chasing me for?
So important that I’m going to head back to the system with an assault ship and personally kill everything that moves?

The 7T of Synthetic meat I had in my cargo.