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So, I accidentally interdicted a cobra tonight (it happens! Stop judging me!), and (since he wasn’t my target), I let him go.

Anyway, for some reason, he turned up in every interdiction I made in Ilyaqa, until I got annoyed and decompressed his hull.
By which time I’d had a go at the system patrol. And a random Adder. And more system patrol.
And some others. But they shot first. Mostly.
Lasers for everybody!

Problem is, that there’s a cute bar maid at Stebbins Hub… Let’s call her Juliette (because I can’t remember her name), and let’s also say that she’s related to someone in the local gang called the Camora.
It may be possible that a few members of this group have been shot at by someone this evening.
Interesting fact; apparently the Camora used to be called “Capulet” back on old earth.

Anyway, it’s safe to assume that I probably won’t be invited into the members only section of the bar for a while…