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Rank: Triarii

I’ve done a third mining trip since and have a pretty good system now allowing me to keep the cash flowing in at a considerable level while still contributing to the HIP 20199 expansion effort.

What I do is mine every other day or so. Do the usual AIE missions in the Cobra, stocking up on mining missions towards the end of the night, then finish up all the non-mining missions and swap to the Asp. Retire for the night ready to do a mining run immediately the next day. Do a quick mining run at Jura, I can get there and back on one tank of fuel. Then cash in all the mining missions previously collected, but remain in the Asp doing AIE missions (avoiding combat where possible) just flying around with the excess Osmium, Painite and Platinum cashing it in either for AIE (preferably), or anyone else in systems where AIE have no presence yet. This technique earns me millions, probably beats what I could earn that day just trading.

I’m now in the habit of swapping from Open to Solo or vice-versa, especially in HIP 20199 to double my odds for finding missions. I’m not going to sit there swapping modes all night though, but just once is not too bad. Dock, check Bulletin Board, swap modes, check Bulletin Board again, fly on.

My next plan is to check out the smuggling thread in detail to rank up a little and hopefully unlock some more of those unattainable missions.