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Pick what you want & what colour – can do blue, green, black & red – black doesnt look that good I recon – hides too much detail.

Send a postal address via pm – I’ll get them cut & hopefully in the post early next week.

I have the Siddy, Cobra, type 7, asp, courier, clipper, cutter, ferdy, dbx, vulture – have done an annie but dont know how it came out!  If you are despirate for something not listed let me know, but I have had issues grabbing models of ships like the viper.

Any finer winglets etc dont come out.

The courier & clipper are very difficult to build – they will take a few hours for you to build!  Whereas the likes of the siddy/cobra are pretty quick to put together.

I have posted most here, I only finished the clipper last night so dont have any pics yet..

3d images?