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Rank: Triarii

INARA is awesome. The more I look around the site, the more I notice how much stuff it has. It’s usually really fast too, though I have seen it get very slow. How do they keep their station outfitting and shipyard database up to date? I previously used this, but everything is way old and when I tried to get permission to update, no one responded…

Stuff like this is awesome, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve failed to find a good site to locate nearby black markets in the past…

Once you’ve logged in, so many pages have a location aware list of nearby stations that stock whatever it is you’re perusing at the time. It’s great, so far they’ve done a fantastic job with it. I just don’t get what motivates a game enthusiast to spend more time on site like that as opposed to actually just playing the game, so bless their polycotton socks and I hope they keep adding useful features.