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Its all good @DanDority! – Your link to Dukes of Mikunn’s current font of knowledge is very helpful given the parlous state of the BGS.

  • NB:  We’ve completed 3 (of 5) days of Expansion countdown as at server tick just completed;
  • We’re now at 76% influence and I’ve pushed the others down by taking and accidentally (on purpose) failing to complete med influence missions for the other factions;
  • I’ve also been trading 1000-2000T of  Imp. Slaves / Land Enrichment Systems into Fabricius per day – plus whatever ‘generic’ Imperial bounties from sorties into RES.

All of these very recent posts focus our attention on what we need to be doing in the next couple of days.  It also serves to update us all on what is currently known about BGS.

I’d have liked to have had a pop-up on login / refresh of AIE site yesterday directing ppl to check updated mission page for current priorities, but as stated above – I think the discussion == update/refresher is good for us.


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