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Rank: Triarii

I’ve done another 8 kill missions and 2 donations today. Figured out a little more about how the BB refreshes. From what I gather, each instance of a station gets new missions every 5 or 10 minutes, and Solo sort of counts as it’s own instance (which is why you can’t just keep swapping from Open to Solo and expect to see new missions each time). I just visit Elson 1st, then Fab, collecting as many kill missions as possible, then carry out the missions, then repeat. If I get to Fab and haven’t found any missions, then it’s either time for a break or a quick trade run to Nelder and back. That’s my current mission grinding algorithm.

The blue Influence bar at the end of a mission is just as static as the System Status screens Influence %. That doesn’t shed any light on how healthy our influence is looking between server ticks. I measured it with a ruler and it’s pretty clear it doesn’t change. The only useful thing about it might be that if you screengrab it and count the pixels, you’ll probably get a slightly more accurate idea of our exact influence at the last server tick, including a few decimal places, though I haven’t tested that theory yet.