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Rank: Foederati

Hey when is the next meet-up of the mining team? I would like to join in on the fun and mine with some of my buddies. I currently have an asp that is outfitted for mining. I hope to join in on the fun. I would like to get a python in the next few weeks so this is going to be a really big boost to the funds I currently have. I currently have 40 mil and 3 mil from mining over the period of a week, the downside to this is that I have a 68 ton capacity asp so I can’t carry that much in cargo capacity of minerals and metals. I can put a big prospector and a small collector controller to maximise profits on my asp so we can look at the asteroids and collect the minerals/cargo for these trips. As it stands I have 3 ships at the moment 2 asps and a courier. One of the asps is outfitted for trading and LRS and the other as mentioned before is for mining. The courier is obvious it is for combat. I am thinking of buying a Vulture to be my main combat ship instead of my courier as it is weak against large ships. I’m thinking of putting my courier in storage and have it when I have to do Angeli demonstrations and secret missions from Damorgs. The 2 asps I have currently I will be keeping them when I acquire my python, when I do get it I will be outfitting the python to mining so we can do more mining. As for my mining asp I will be outfitting it for missions for Angeli to be an all-round multi-purpose ship.