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Many questions very few answers at the moment, but yes, in principle, it could be very interesting. Perhaps a seat swap function?

This could pose some problems in the future. But this could be useful as well.
In the terms of usefulness this could be that some people on the ships that have 2 or more ship consoles on the ship could be used as a multi crew vessel. The idea proposed by Obsidian Ant is that some crew could be allocated different roles for example the pilot flies the ship, the other crew control the systems and weapons like the ties in Star Wars the Force Awakens and Star Trek. This use of the different roles in the ships could maximise efficiency of ships when exploring and/or in combat and trade.

The downside is that people flying the ship could not log on and leave yourself stranded in a system you don’t want to be in. But as said before there should be some crew swapping as shown in Star Trek: Into Darkness.