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Rank: Foederati

It clearly says on the packet of Progenitor Cells: Do not mix with alcohol Patrician Patricia Mitchell evidently refused to listen ?

*Burp* I have entered the room! *Belch* I need to eat some Painite *Slurred* *Belches* @baronvonschnellenstein Sir I think you have some brandy on your shirt*burp*. I think it is the Lavian type sir but it may not be*belch*. @baronvonschnellenstein replies: Sir I do not have Lavian brandy on my shirt but you do. *belches* No I don’t I have had Leesti Evil Juice as my beverage*Slurred*. @baronvonschnellenstein replies: What? Is that why you have entered the mail slot so erratically. Oh come on man this is your ship *points* the Orca isn’t it. Erm ok then I’ll leave you to it then*walks of to his own ship*. Patrcian Patricia Mitchell then bought almost 200 tons of liquor and brandy bound to Sag A and departed narrowly missing a @damorgs in his Anaconda followed closely by @hazara. As she was passing by she waved very drunkenly and said. Is that @damorgs oh come on everybody is in Nelder City today! She then high waked to Ixkabald screaming Sha la la la in the MOONLIGHT, Sha la l*hic*a in the MOONLIGT heeeeeee*hic*eeeeh. Sha la la in the MOONLIGH*hic*T. As of 6/5/3302 we haven’t seen her since.