Ahoy, AI!

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    Iaened Bourne
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    Hello there, fellow Commanders. I thought I’d make a slightly different RP introduction to myself than what I’d usually do:

    By Imperial Appointment

    Considering the well documented friendship that Senator Patreus and HIH Princess Duval have (hands off, Senator: you’re too old for her!), I thought that it would make sense that she send some form of representation to the Senator’s more famous corporate investment as a sign of her support.

    Personally I really like what you all are doing. It’s one of the less well known game mechanics, and definitely something I want to get involved with … once I’ve got that Imperial Cutter of mine that is. Can’t be representing a Princess in any old thing now, can I?

    I look forward to flying with you all. I’ll probably make some more posts like this one as things progress, if people like it.

    CMDR I. Bourne
    Imperial Duke
    Loyal Servant of HIH Princess Aisling Duval

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    Blain Crighton
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    Welcome aboard, Cmdr

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