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      Argon ArmrendArgon Armrend
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      In these sombre days since the passing of our Emperor, I think it would be fitting that the Angeli Imperial make some form of tribute to him

      I would like input from all of you for ideas, be it a simple shrine or plaque, to something more befitting of the great man.  Whatever is chosen will be placed on display at Nelder City.

      I’m open to all and any suggestions.  I will fund whatever is decided upon.

      Fly Safe Commanders

      For The Empire

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      SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
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      Perhaps a public garden somewhere, with a tasteful statue?

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      AvatarBlain Crighton
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      Our Fallen Father

      The Blue day star has set
      The Rosey Palace Glows no more
      Our Ancient Pater Patriae
      Now passed across to some hallowed shore

      Weep do the Citizens of Capitol
      Tears for the Emperor who they adore
      Whilst the Senate in their ire
      make calls and plans for war

      From our shattered state
      Our lamentations and dolor
      Which Princeps will lead us
      and see our Empire Restore

      Citizens of the Empire
      Citizens one and all
      Now is our time to stand togther
      As we do so or we fall

      Remember the name Duval
      Remember it and stand tall
      The Empire will endure united
      All Citizens, the mighty and the small.

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