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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for letting me join AI. Ive been playing since Beta but have not played around with wings or that much pvp though I enjoy both.

    I have just requested to join DAMORGS and are currently stationed in Nelder City.

    I fly by CMDR Uken, feel free to friend me and I look forward to flying with you all.


    CMDR Uken

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    CMDR Ping
    SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Mercy – Participating in a AI relief mission.
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    Welcome to the AI

    Make sure you join us on TeamSpeak, that is the fastest way to get up to speed.

    Most important of all, go out there and have fun!

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    SenatorFounding AngelAngel of Justice – Participating in an AI Enforcement Mission
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    Hi Uken,

    Sorry I was logging off just as you came on.  I’ll be on and off tomorrow, I’ll see you then.  I’ll also add you to the group.

    Have fun!

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    CenturionAngel of Trade
    Rank: Triarii

    welcome fella, but get to work now!!!! 😛

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