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      there are some things in E:D that look like worthless junk .. some of them are, but others are not. i thought the prospecter is stupid, but is now one of my most valued items in the game.


      the idea of this topic is to exchange about different items that someone has never used before.


      for me thats:

      ) heat sink

      ) weapon mines

      ) electronic countermeasure

      ) fuel transfer limpet

      for most of this stuff, i dont see a good reason to use them … i more or less never use silent running, so i dont need heat sinks …

      mines are effectless

      the EMP might have a value against a gazillion missles … but i never had such a situation

      and fuel transfer limpets are some kind of stupid joke, are they? i mean … why wasting the place for a controller when i could take a scooper insteed, that works forever, not just as long i have drones in my cargo.


      hope we learn something new 😀

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