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      Now here’s an early access title worth every cent (US$20).

      I had a shot at NMS on the PS4, was looking for a brief change from E:D and liked the idea of survival + minecrafty/space-engineersy open-ended construction, so I gave Empyrion a shot.

      Methinks Empyrion complements E:D very nicely.  In this, most of the activity is planetside, but you can go around raiding trade ships and space stations.  I’ve had a heap of fun just building things

      As an early access title, there’s not much in the way of game narrative bar a prologue on the dev’s site, but the sandbox play (single or multiplayer) is quite enjoyable and fairly well polished


      • Minecraft/Space-Engineers style block/voxel construction
        • Capital Vessels that can carry smaller vessels
        • “Small Vessels” – Air/Spacecraft like fighters/dropships
        • Hover vehicles for terrestrial travel
        • Terrestrial bases and space stations
      • Tidy graphics with stunning sunrise/sunsets on planets with atmospheres
      • Variety of planet types, each with a variety of biomes
      • A reasonable (but not large) variety of flora and fauna
      • NPC bases / ships to engage/destroy/explore/loot
      • Craft food/medicines/fuels/equipment
      • Forage/hunting/farming/mining
      • Open-ended construction
      • Active, responsive developers
      • Active modding / gaming community with LOTS of content
      • Pretty good in-game tutorials and help, otherwise, reasonably intuitive UI

      My only gripe is that currently, there is no support for analogue controllers and flight sticks, which I’d find immensely useful when flying small vessels


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      It’s just a better version of space engineers from the pictures shown

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