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      OK, stop laughing.  This is actually pretty good.  I’ve had it for a long time and the one thing it’s always been missing is online multiplayer.  Well, somebody else thought that sucked too, so now you can download a mod to go online.  There’s servers in EU/US and Asia.  They’re pretty good too.

      So anybody wanna hit me up for a convoy let me know.  You can get the mod here

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      Ohh very nice. I also enjoy ETS2, I got it on steam and have spent a lot of hours on it. I’ll be checking the online multiplayer out.

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      AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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      This (ETS2) is strangely compelling – maybe the traveling without being shot at is cathartic – scenery is pretty good.

      I’m going to give it a go with the OSVR VR headset soon.

      :  At some point on a weekend, I’ll see about hitting you up for a convoy.  “Wing Up” in ETS2, pmsl

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