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      Hi guys and gals just thought I’d introduce myself.Saw the post on frontier forums when i was trying to understand powerplay. I’m a new commander and I’m loving it.Have very little clue what I’m doing but having a ball regardless.Looking forward to some flying with you folks..

      Cmdr Rocklock

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      Welcome mate, we are currently trying to push the Angeli in systems that we have a presence but do not control.  The best way we can do this is by completing missions for the Angeli, cash in in bounties (Angeli Bounties only) and shooting the controlling factions ships( I didn’t say that).

      If you are a trader, then any trade between two Angeli controlled systems will also help us maintain our position there.  A good example would be Imperial Slavers from Nelder City in Wangal to Fabricius Vision in HIP 20199  There is a return trade but for the life of me I can’t remember it.


      Again, welcome and have fun!

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