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      AvatarHonchomir Goosington
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      Citizens, Equites and Mercators of The Angeli Imperial,

      Greetings and thanks for giving me posting privileges on your forum. I am Decurio Goose4291 of the Volunteer Space Commandos, or VOLCSPAC for short. It’s fellow Equites and myself are a small closed membership Imperial group who are focused primarily on combat to further the goals of the Duval Empire.

      We are currently based based within the Rataxo protectorate, ensuring that Imperial policy is carried out as under the authority granted by the sign and seal of his Most Exalted Majesty, Excellency Hengist Duval, 15th Emperor of the Galaxy, Defender of the Truth, Hawk of Peace and Upholder of the Forty Two Justly Unbreakable Laws.

      As an Imperially aligned faction, we wish to extend an olive branch to yourselves and in the spirit of co-operation request that you keep ourselves appraised of any operations or trade venture you are currently embarked upon. We will endeavour to do likewise and hope that the pooling of intelligence will ensure our two groups can better the Empire’s standing in intergalactic affairs.



      Honchomir Goosington,

      Count of Rataxo


      Vivat Imperator!

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      AvatarCMDR Ping
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      Together for the Empire!

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      AvatarCMDR Davo
      CenturionAngel of Death
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      Thank you for your kind offer, we have met a few fellow imperial factions and on every occasion have fought alongside them against our enemies. If we need any help we will keep you in mind.

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