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      AvatarDan Dority
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      I stumbled across this extremely (to me at least) interesting post on Reddit today regarding the lore/background of the major factions, from the mouth of Braben himself.

      This kind of stuff definitely satiates some of my curiosity and I only hope we get more of this kind of information from the powers on high. Should be right up any lore buff’s alley. Reading the section focused on the Empire, it looks like we could be fighting an uphill battle in our struggle to eliminate the Client/Patron system with a more meritocratic one (If I’m correct in my understanding that this is the major goal of Armrend and the Angeli, perhaps someone (meaning Blain) 🙂 could enlighten me).

      The original post apparently is in the Group Leader’s Forum so no direct link. Makes we want to peek in and see what else gets discussed in there, Damorgs?



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      AvatarBlain Crighton
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      Nothing more in the thread itself

      Based on it

      Armrend Argon would be a Patron currently supporting Patreus

      Our System officers as Argons clients

      Still doesn’t explain the Naval auxiliary ranks yet, given the regular Imperial Navy uses regular NATO ranks

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