Is it true Kidnapped mission is bugged?

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      I wasted an hour last night trying to remember how to cargo limpet, I still didn’t get the escape pods anyway before I had to rage-quit and get some sleep. I just tried to google for pro-tips on this mission, but all I found was this steam thread.

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      Yes, its true. Kidnapped mission is badly bugged.

      DaMorgs had a great rant about it not long ago when we embarked on this Wangal ‘versus’ HIP 20199 thing.

      Also, be wary of salvage missions where the required cannisters are listed as ‘(Mission Specific)’ in the mission description.  For such a mission, I found no cannisters of type in USS/Weak-Signal-Source sites that were tagged as ‘MISSION TARGET’ and I must have visited about a dozen of these sites in the designated system – they kept spawning the ‘right’ cannisters, but none for the mission specific 😮

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