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      The knife makes it personal.
      The (half) brothers of Lavigny were executed for a failed attempt on the late Emperor’s life about 50 years ago after it was rumoured the Emperor was behind the death of their father.
      There has been plenty of Lavigny blood spilt by Duvals

      Florence the Honey trap
      Manoeuvres to get revenge on her former lover biding her time, rekindles the relationship, declears Arissa was His Imperial Majesty’s love child.
      Harald is denounced, Arissa is proclaimed.
      In one strike Her Husband and Sons avenged, and the Duval line removed from the throne. Bet Arissa is in fact a full Lavigny.

      The perfect revenge 50 years in the making
      After all what mother could forgive the man who executed her sons, when it was in his mercy to exile them.

      No advantage to having the assassination happen before the wedding you say.
      Seems like a huge advantage to be able to have all possible pretenders and their allies executed, the senate culled and replaced or dissolved and to come across as the aggrieved daughter, who then becomes the next Domitian.
      Then we have the Assassin on the Throne…

      And has she already demonstrated the “I will arrange for people to be killed until I get what I want” attitude.

      But hey the Assassin wore Patreus livery, and there is no possible, conceivable advantage for “Unable to even have a selfish thought” Lavigny (is she still insisting on adding Duval) for having a part in it before the wedding.

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      *Grabs popcorn and gets comfy*

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