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      Hello party people!

      Wasn’t sure which forum to put this so stuck it here.

      Okay, my question is about Powerplay. Does Angeli Imperial have specific systems that it we want to be chucking our Preparation Nominations at? A system close by maybe? Wasn’t sure so stuck mine in the system closest to Wangal (HIP 17276) but it’s only number 4 on the list at the moment. Also, can these nominations carry over if you keep hold of them?

      Also, wanted to know if it was worth me making efforts to start fortify Wangal, or is that a job for several dozen people? Guess i’m just looking for things to do. Feel free to educate 🙂

      Lastly, a very big ‘thank you’ for the warm welcome and all the help and advice that I received yesterday; my first day in the group. Cheers guys!

      "They call me Trinity"

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