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      So I’m reading the Powerplay Q&A with David Braben from back on the 25th April, and I see this:

      Quote Originally Posted by SlackR View Post


      When will there be non-celestial things to discover in deep space?

      There already are… 😉

      followed by this:

      Quote Originally Posted by Ulysses_W View Post


      Have they always been out there, or are they new additions??? This is important Mr Braben. Very important.

      What I had in mind has been there since Wings…

      The thread in question.

      Initially I thought it was a trick answer, he meant other player-ships as these “non-celestial things”. But the second quote kind of blows that idea out of the sky. If he’s being truthful, we only have a few hundred billion systems left to scan down so it shouldn’t take too long.

      What do you guys think?


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      Yeah, I read this too, it has been playing on my mind a bit. I’m not sure the chances of me finding them are good, if I go looking, but when I make my trip around the ring, maybe. If I was going to hide something in space I’d make it difficult to get to and/or easy to overlook – comparatively 🙂 Dog food for thought.

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