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      AvatarBlain Crighton
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      From Patreus Reddit

      Calling all combat pilots: the Empire is preparing to launch Operation Janus. The target of this operation will remain classified for the time being, but the operation will consist mainly of open undermining, blockading, and pvp, with a secondary goal of flipping a government in another target. The operation will be taking place soon and the exact time will be revealed privately to commanders wishing to sign up to this operation – likewise for the target. This is an Empire-wide operation so expect to see other Powers represented. Any combat pilots interested in pvp action in a mass community operation should make themselves known either below or by private message if they so wish.
      NEW INFO RELEASED: Commanders are advised that the staging post for this operation is Nervi. Contact me for the final target.


      Contact is Consiliatrix “Starcloak” Eleshenar

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      Oooh, The Queen is interested…

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      AvatarFox Carignan
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      You have my assistance.  I will do whatever I can with whatever combat ship is required for the mission.

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