Patch 2.0.04

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      General Changes

      • Fix for crash when approaching some settlements (AZRAEL – SEARLE PORT)
      • Fixed a crash in drone component
      • Fix for crash during outfitting
      • Added guards for a door manager related crash
      • Fixed Mine/Missile malfunction causing the client to crash
      • Added guards to help prevent a Capital Ship related crash
      • Ensure cargo is transferred when re-buying a ship from an orphaned SRV
      • Limit Galnet to only displaying recent articles in the game
      • Fix Darnielle’s Progress in the Maia system
      • Fix some names in local trading report news articles.
      • Stop requiring the Phekda permit to travel to that starsystem
      • Rank missions should no longer instantly fail for no apparent reason
      • Ammo store shouldn’t show drones as purchasable if there is no stock
      • Galaxy map now remembers the previous Cargo Mass slider setting, unless enough real cargo is added to the ship to exceed the slider setting
      • Don’t replot the current route just because the Galaxy Map is opened. Fixes the route being forgotten sometimes if viewing the galaxy map during FSD charge, and helps to avoid forgetting the in-system target at the end of the route
      • The SRV is now refuelled when it docks at a port
      • Fixed an issue when deploying the buggy to a garage in a port, the buggy started slightly below the ground.
      • Fix Imperial Cutter schematic

      Client: Text Display

      • Translations updated.
      • Various text fixes.


      • Fix bug when determining network connection MTU causing assorted player-to-player connection problems.
      • Fix for network object ID exhaustion.
      • Fixed some missing Powerplay translations.

      Server Side Fixes

      • Fixed some metadata mismatches causing server errors.
      • Fixed a server crash if a star system is being accessed while being deleted.
      • Various server performance and reliability improvements

      Assistant Angeli Imperial Custodian (Wangal)

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      AvatarCMDR Mutantrex
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      Does that finally say player to player connections are better!?

      I could actually instance with other people for once?? Haha

      Master of Chunks

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      Lol, if the whole issue with the net code turns out to be someone hard coding mtu to 1490 by accident… 😉

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