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      this should generate a CG or at least some interesting discounts.


      Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has announced that Senator Denton Patreus is to be promoted to Admiral of the Fleet following his triumph over the insurgent organisation Emperor’s Dawn. In a statement, the Emperor praised Patreus’ recent military success:

      “Denton Patreus exhibited remarkable resolve in the campaign against Emperor’s Dawn, and demonstrated his ability to act with conviction in the face of an often unpredictable enemy. I can think of no more appropriate person to assume command of the Imperial Navy. It is with great pride that I confer upon him the title of Admiral of the Fleet.”

      The senator is expected to assume his new role next week following a formal inauguration ceremony on Capitol.

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      Is Patreus b@ng!ng ALD now, as well as Aisling?! :p

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