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      Greeting Cmdrs All

      I know we have a war on but as Foederati are want to do, I snuck off the race in the Buckeyball Run#7


      Since it is a time trial, and I recorded the whole thing for my entry, I thought I would put a clip together of the planetary breaking.

      Now, what is that you say?

      Well we all know the Seven second rule, right? Approach a target in supercurise with the ETA at 7 seconds and you wont over shoot.


      Of course sometime you want to go faster, and you can, if there is a Planet or moon sized mass by the target.


      Fether the throotle so the ETA flicks between 6 and 7 seconds

      As you get closes to the planet 5 and 6 second.

      Adjust your approach so the planet will be closer to you that the target, but it doesnt need to be in the way.


      Skim the planet on the way past and go full throttle, the planet will slow you down as you pass.


      Here is a video showing a couple of different approaches.



      Now back to the war before someone docks my pay….


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      Nice demo I will give that a try.

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      That’s pretty cool, will try.

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