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      i .. have some questions …

      i still dont understand fully how this factionthing works … whenever i think that i have it, there is an other facett that pops up .. so i try to presume nothing and just ask stupid questions.


      in the mission status stands thats the goal is to make AIE stronger.

      making missions. ok. thats easy. no problem there … do they appear in other systems than wangal? till now .. i havnt seen them .. if yes .. shouldnt we make some kind of priority list like “look for missions in A, than B, than C” and so on to know that we all pull in the same direction, rather than make a bit of influence here and there at the same time?

      trading just via stations under controll of AIE .. ahm … that menas nelder city .. and .. thats it, for the moment, isnt it? nelder hasnt a lot to trade that anyone wants, isnt it? are there attractive trade circles, anyone wants to share? because … whenver i try to invent a traderoute for my self … i end up biting in my keyboard.

      bountys … well … wangal has not a lot of zones for good bountyhunting … waiting in supercruise is a bit unproductive .. but i guess its the only thingto help this way, isnt it?

      wait … a moment …what do i read there? bount hunting at docks? is that an option? never tried that. does that work?


      and whats the thing with the federal gun ships? is this some kind of a pun, i dont get, or is this serious?

      support supported factions … ahm … that means again just AIE, isnt it?


      whats with the mission before that … where we should help wangal energy to take over so we can take ports back? was that some missunderstanding? was this part of the plan? it looks like we do now exacty the opposit thing we did one week ago


      so … thats my stupid questions for tonight … 🙂


      hope for more … and perhaps some answers.


      all hail angeli

      :: Si vis pacem, para bellum ::

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      As for your last question the reason for doing missions for Wangal Energy Partners was that in order to start a civil war their influence needed to have parity with AIE. The original mission was to start a civil war and take over all the stations in Wangal. However that proved to be difficult with only one system as an operating base, so it was decided to expand into other systems by raising AIE influence in Wangal to 80%+. Then with a second area the bulk of AIE could work on expanding into another system while a smaller group could work within Wangal to start a civil war. It seems the plan is to have most players expanding into new systems to raise the sphere of influence whilst a smaller team works behind them towards the acquisition of the rest of the stations in each system.

      You will not see missions for AIE that I can see in any stations outside of Wangal, however they are available at all stations within Wangal.

      I did some Nav point hunting last night and depending on you combat rating I think I cleared 1.5 mil in bounties in about 2 hrs +/- so it seems viable to me. When they refer to bounty hunting they mean to turn in your bounties at docks we own i.e. Nelder City. The faction you turn your bounties into is the one that receives the influence bonus and it increases your relationship with them. Any ship is fair game that is not AIE do not shoot AIE ships even if  they are wanted!

      In regards to trading as long as Nelder City is in your loop your good to go, I found they generally have a Medium supply of imperial slaves which you can sell anywhere with high demand for a decent profit.

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