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      with my last big shopping tour, i did run into some kind of dilemma.


      the money bound in ships is now quite a lot … but i dont want to sell them, because i would lose money. the little ones are not worth a thought. the ASP has a good performance as a explorer … so it was clear that i want to keep it. but do i have a reason to keep an type 6 or an vulture, i started to ask myself.

      my solution was to strip the smaller ships down to the bone, but never used them since.


      of course … thats a question of taste (so, there is no right or wrong) … but how do you handle that? do you keep one ship or build up a fleet? do you change your ships often, sometimes or never?


      the other thing is progression. talking about price and performance, it is clear that those things go pretty much hand in hand and its good step up system … it feelt good to hop from one tiny ship into an other.

      but if we are talking about phyton and FdL, they are about the same in cost … switching from one thing to an other is expensive … and owning both means (more or less) to have the money for an anaconda .. and once a proud owner of an anaconda …. do you step back into one of the smaller ships … and if yes … how deep?

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      I only ever used one ship, up until the point I finally got my clipper fully kitted. Now I use that for undermining bounty hunting and have begun to build specialized ships for other purposes. I fitted a Diamond Back Scout for smuggling runs because of its great jump range while still having enough cargo space for most of those missions. It also seems to be harder to scan (if my experience going up against them is anything to go by). I am now working on saving for a type 7 to outfit for mining or trade runs (I may just save for a Python).

      I really don’t like refitting my ship for different roles. The Clipper is a good all rounder but I don’t enjoy flying out to a high tech station every time I want to switch from killing thing to trade runs or even mining for that matter. Now that I have enough earning potential I am going to focus on having specialized ships for whatever mission pops up that is most profitable or what I fell like doing at the moment. This is especially important for me since I have limited time and any time spent refitting my ship is time that I’m not making more credits.

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      I have siddys and bigger all round the place. still have the screaming eagle lol. I only really need 2 the dbx and courier

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