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      I acquired a compact mechanical keyboard to complete my cockpit this Monday. It’s a Matias, which was a bit pricey, but I couldn’t find anything else on par with it as far as having all the keys I wanted without the one’s I didn’t want. It’s actually only shaved about 6cm off my CM Quickfire TK. Far more comfortable though and my mouse pad almost fits on the desk again (not that I use the mouse for anything other than dragging the commodities scroll bar down). Also, it has zero LED’s or backlights!


      I was a little disappointed to find the Matias only does 6KRO despite what it says on their website about NKRO. Would have been a problem if I still needed to use both hands on there but since only my left hand is touching it, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever need to mash more than 6 keys on it at once.



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