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      A few days ago CMDR DaMorgs, Fleet Admiral of the Angeli Imperial could be heard having a very loud, and at times, offensive argument in his office.  People passing by all stated that the argument seemed to make no sense and CMDR DaMorgs, once again, sounded very drunk.  Whilst this isn’t unusual behaviour from the former CEO it does seem to be coming more frequent.

      However, on this occasion, loud crashing and smashing could also be heard, culminating in a yell of “Screw you guys!  I’m going home!”

      CMDR DaMorgs was then seen running to the hangar bay with a large trolley full of Lavian Brandy.  However instead of boarding his ‘darling’ the Queen Latifa he scurried on towards an Asp that appeared to be fitted for exploration.

      Those who know him will tell you that he has no desire for exploration making this all the more bizarre.  As the ship was launching he had somehow managed to configure the ships communications systems to blast loud 20th Century ‘rock music’ as he left the starport.  Experts in the field believe it was a once, very popular band known as Def Leppard.

      Periodically images were received from his ship in the outer systems of the galaxy with captions attached that are, quite frankly, unpublishable.

      Several days later the ship returned with millions of credits of exploration data and almost as many empty Lavian Brandy bottles.  CMDR DaMorgs has been witnessed standing at the exit of his ship, looking extremely disheveled and unkempt, urinating onto the hangar floor yelling yet more obscenities at anybody who would listen.  One onlooker stated that he saw what appeared to be the head of some kind of creature that he did not recognise.  The rumour is that the head belongs to a Thargoid, but this cannot be confirmed.

      Either way he seems to be spiralling further and further down into a very dark place.  We can only hope that he can receive the support and assistance he quite clearly needs.

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      I licked a spoon with cat food on it for Elite Dangerous.

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